Shwas Homes customer service department outperforms client expectations

Shwas Homes Pvt Ltd as indeed presented well thought out schemes and practically fruitful plans on rentals of apartments based on the philosophy of maximum return on investment for the clients. The customer services department assists every client in their journey to attain maximum return on investment. The rental schemes initiated by the company are of three types:
Guaranteed hospitality returns – In this scheme fully furnished flats are leased out on a daily basis to tourist groups for which a fixed percentage returns are offered by Shwas Hospitality division.
Service contracts with corporates – Most of the major corporate firms need semi furnished or fully furnished apartments on a long term basis for their employee accommodation.  Shwas Hospitality marketing team negotiates with Corporates and arranges the flat owners to lease out directly to corporates. As there are no middle persons in between, direct dealings help in reaping maximum returns and Shwas Homes assures guaranteed returns on this scheme.
Residential leasing – Those unfurnished apartments you own and never utilize  because you are either employed abroad  or settled abroad will be leased out to families for a 11 month period. The Shwas rental division will formulate lease agreements, undertake painting or minor maintenance, if required and other necessary formalities to renew / terminate at a fixed charge of 5% of annual returns. This is a very popular scheme among NRI owners.
If you have any feedback or review to convey, Shwas Homes complaints department is readily available wherein you can directly contact the person who is responsible for the matter in question. Thus, is any Shwas Homes issues arise the client gets quick solutions from the authorities.


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