Shwas Homes Aquacity presents Palm Street Villas

Palm Street Villa – Latest Project in the water front township of Shwas Homes Aquacity is progressing in  growth and completion of Luxury Apartments and Villas..

How is it different from other Villas?

Palm Street Villas are different from others with its exceptional incorporation of unique features such as American landscape principle, Infinite Greenery. With effective space utilization tools introduced by the architects Palm Street has 4 bedrooms and spacious rooms in 2000 Sq Ft space.  Everything starting from the basic structure, rooms, general flooring, toilets, Kitchen, Doors and windows, Painting to Electricity and fencing of the compound wall has been planned to ultimately deliver the perfect home.

Welcome to be a part of the largest waterfront Township project, Aquacity. Shwas Homes has the best grievance elimination program that directly and quickly addresses your Shwas complaints and resolves it in a fast pace. With the best team of members united and perfectly trained to think on behalf of the client, Shwas Homes is progressing in leaps and bounds in the industry.


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